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hdmi cable
hdmi cable

Fiber Optic Cables and Fiber Jumpers
  Patch Cords, Pigtails & Extended Length Cables

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We are a high quality manufacturer of fiber optic cables in both single and multi-mode, simplex, duplex and multistrand. We build Fiber Optic Cables, Fiber Jumpers, Patch Cords, Pigtails & Extended Length Cables utilizing the widest variety of connectors available on the market: such as:



Opti Jack

With our industry coverage and depth of experience we can be your one stop Fiber Optic source for: 

 Multimode 62.5/125 micron Duplex Cables
 Multimode 50/125 micron Duplex Fiber Assemblies
 Single-Mode 9/125 micron Duplex Fiber Patch cords and Jumpers
 Single-Mode Simplex Cables
 Fiber Optic Connectors
 Fiber Optic Adapters, and
 Bulk Fiber Optic Cable
 Fiber Optic Cables /Fiber Jumpers
 Duplex MTRJ-MTRJ Fiber Optic Cable
 Duplex MTRJ-SC Fiber Optic Cable
 Duplex MTRJ-ST Fiber Optic Cable
 Multimode Duplex SC-SC Fiber Optic Cable
 Multimode Duplex ST-SC Fiber Optic Cable
 Multimode Duplex ST-ST Fiber Optic Cable
 Multimode Duplex LC-ST Fiber Optic Cable
 Multimode Duplex LC-LC Fiber Optic Cable
 Multimode Duplex LC-MTRJ Fiber Optic Cable
 Multimode Duplex LC-SC Fiber Optic Cable
 Singlemode Duplex SC-SC Fiber Optic Cable
 Singlemode Duplex ST-SC Fiber Optic Cable
 Singlemode Duplex ST-ST Fiber Optic C

We offer a large variety of fiber optic cables as standard, off-the-shelf products. These include: SC-SC multimode fiber, SC-MTRJ multi mode fiber, SC-ST multi mode fiber, MTRJ -MTRJ multi  mode fiber, MTRJ-ST multi mode fiber, ST-ST Multi mode fiber cables.

For custom cables, please fill out our convenient quote form, or for immediate feedback call us Toll Free at

Fiber Optic Trunk Cable Assemblies

We also offer singlemode or multimode fiber optic trunk (multistrand) cable assemblies at any length with up to 216 connectors on each end. In  general, there are two different types of multi-fiber cables: those are tight-buffered and loose-tube (gel-filled).


 Tight-buffered cables are the more common option for terminated trunk fiber applications. We can provide pulling eyes on your cable to aid in installation. Fan-out kits are available upon  request for tight-buffered cables. Loose-tube multi -fiber terminated cable assemblies require fan-out kits when connectorized. In general, these will be 900 micron or 3 millimeter in diameter.

 Since there are many important characteristics to know when ordering multi-fiber breakout or multi-fiber distribution cables, please call for pricing and availability.

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